We are a big family who lives together between elephants and humans for 2 generations. We’re working together and taking care of each other. Here’s a Krabi elephant house sanctuary, the place where elephants are not just animals but we are “family members”. In the past, elephants are not wild animals but they were served as the warrior beside the King in the war. In many histories of Thai dynasties, elephants fighting along with us. Thus, this is the reason why an elephant becomes a nation symbolic and used to appear in the Thai national flag. Not mentioning, some elephants also work hard in city building.

The main reason for Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary is not only allowing people to get closer to these beautiful elephants and learn the way of living peacefully together but also support the Southern Elephants Hospital. We want to give and help back to our big family and keep them safe and having a better quality of living. We would like to be a part of taking care of them as they used to take care of us before.

Explore with Elephant

Program A

ADULT - 1,700 THB
CHILD - 1,300 THB

Take only 1 hour and 30 minutes including Feed Elephants, Walk in the forest with Elephants, Mud Spa with Elephants, Bath with Elephants.

Activities Include

Program B

ADULT - 2,300 THB
CHILD - 1,700 THB

Take about 3 hours including Meet the Elderly Family Member ‘Elephant Thong’ , Walk the Elephants in the area, Prepare Foods and Herbal Medicine for Elephants, Feed the Elephants, Mud Spa with Elephants, Bath with Elephants

Activities Include

Program C

ADULT - 2,400 THB
CHILD - 1,800 THB

Take about 3 hours including Walk with Elephants in the forest, Feed the Elephants, Mud Spa with Elephants, Bath with Elephants, Learning the process of ‘Making Paper from the Elephants’ Dung’.

Activities Include

Program D

ADULT - 4,000 THB
CHILD - 3,000 THB

Take Full Day activity about 7-8 hours including Visit Emerald Pool + Hot Spring, Feed the Elephants., Walk with Elephants in the forest., Mud Bath with Elephants, Elephants bathing, Learning the process of ‘Making Paper from the Elephant’s Dung’

Activities Include

Learn with Elephant

Unique Experience

Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary offers a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with these amazing animals. You’ll get to feed them, take a

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Elephant Food

Elephants can eat an average of 150-160 kg of food in a day!. Do you know how much water they drink? An elephant drinks an

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