You are in good hand.

During the program, you will always stay with our experience staffs, knowledgeable mahouts and friendly elephants. Knowledgeable Mahouts who spend their 24/7 with living with their elephants.

Local Expertise

Our elephants and Mahouts are local who originally Krabi citizens that ready to show you how wonderful of the Krabi’s Jungle.

Friendly elephants

our elephants had been stay with people since they were born. They are kind and familiar and comfortable with people.

find Good experience with us.



We are a big family who lives together between elephants and humans for 2 generations. We’re working together and taking care of each other. Here’s a Krabi elephant house sanctuary, the place where elephants are not just animals but we are “family members”. In the past, elephants are not wild animals but they were served as the warrior beside the King in the war. In many histories of Thai dynasties, elephants fighting along with us. Thus, this is the reason why an elephant becomes a nation symbolic and used to appear in the Thai national flag. Not mentioning, some elephants also work hard in city building.

The main reason for Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary is not only allowing people to get closer to these beautiful elephants and learn the way of living peacefully together but also support the Southern Elephants Hospital. We want to give and help back to our big family and keep them safe and having a better quality of living. We would like to be a part of taking care of them as they used to take care of us before.



Female, 22 years old. It is the elephant normally has a strong body completely. Before I came to live with us here. It was the elephant show since the small. When It grow up dragged wood and elephant taxi. Pud is the elephant ate ofcourse like to eat bamboo. Playful habit, because It relies with humans since the baby yet. It’s like taking another elephant eat food. It is cheerful and to take a bath.


is 46 year old. It is the elephant normally has a strong body completely. The eyes that look not clear before coming to live with us. We‘ve tried to maintain it, but it was not damaged. It was once a elephant dragged wood and elephant taxi. It likes to eat bananas and grass. It’s a neat habit and like to be with people.


Female, 51 years old. Her right eye is blind, left eye is normal. It was once a elephant dragged wood and elephant taxi .The habit of it is slow walking ,Eat slowly, neat, Methodical and like people to feed.


is 50 year old. Just yesterday, we as a family.It was once a elephant taxi.He successfully and shocked.


Male elephant, 55 years old. He is a blind elephant on both sides. He can’t see. Eyes were blind long before join with us at the sanctuary. When he first worked as an log carry elephant and elephant taxis. Nowaday, he must be used his trunk touches the ground for explore the land and walk or he used his keeper as his navigator and guides his directions. Tong likes eating soft foods because his teeth is not good. It has a habit of explore walking around. Tong love to play mud.