How to know if an elephant sanctuary is ethical?

How to know if an elephant sanctuary is ethical?

Responsible elephant sanctuaries offer a natural and ethical way to see these incredible gentle giants.
An Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Will Never Offer Elephant Riding.

Why Elephant Riding Is Cruel?

Elephants may look big and strong, but their backs are quite weak and not made to carry weight. That’s why you’ll never see elephants that live in their natural habitat lift anything onto their backs. You’ll see them carrying heavy objects with their trunks instead.
Not only will an ethical elephant sanctuary never offer elephant riding for tourists, but neither will their mahouts ride them. (A mahout is a person who works with and tends to an elephant.)
Riding elephants with a chair or howdah is a definite no-no. Besides the extra weight (since most howdahs are designed to carry 2 people) the chair itself chafes against the elephant’s back, causing blisters that can get infected.

The Bottom line to this is, don’t support any organization that offers elephant riding even if you won’t ride the elephants when you’re there. Together, we can influence positive change by not supporting them with money.




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