Why you couples should Visit Kabri Elephant House?

Experience something unique with someone special and find your perfect romantic escape at the most magical place on the Kabri Elephant house.


Elephants are known to be amongst the most intelligent animals on earth and have complex emotions as well. Elephants help the ecosystem to expand and survive by their routine food consumption and activities. They are the largest land mammal…

Seven Reasons Why you should choose Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary for your Family Trip

Do you remember that one summer vacation or family trip as a kid was one of the best memories I've ever had? Now, think about this. Do your children make similar memories?
The usefulness of Elephant trunk

The usefulness of Elephant trunk

The usefulness of Elephant trunk The elephant's trunk can be a nose for smelling and also can be a hand that is used to pull grass, collect leaves, take a shower, carry a small elephant, show their emotions, drink water and others. The elephant's…
elephants have to take baths

Why do elephants have to take baths?

Why do elephants have to take baths? Because elephants are animals that can not tolerate heat very well. Moreover, the elephant has black skin, which many people know that black is the best color that absorbs the heat. From the research, it…
Thai Elephant Day

Thai Elephant Day

Thai Elephant Day An elephant is Thai national animal and has been long associated with Thai life, especially in ancient times. Besides, an elephant is a one of protector of Thai independence and they are Thai symbols which Thai people…
9 wonderful Elephants

9 wonderful things about Elephants

The elephant has many wonderful things in terms of how elephants live and the various parts of the body that make humans surprised when we learned of these wonders. Elephants have a period of pregnancy around 640 - 660 days, for a total…
elephant organs

How important of the elephant organs

"Elephant organs" Elephants are large animals that are mammals and herbivores. Looking at the outside, the elephant seems big and scary for humans but in reality, it is quite the same as human behavior including their love, gentleness,…

Asian Elephants VS African Elephants

Asian elephants have habitat from India to Southeast Asia, Malaysia and Indonesia which can live in dense forests and Meadow. Asian elephants have a height of around 2 - 3.5 meters with a weight of about 2,000 - 5,000 kilograms. They have…
Elephant Ears

The interesting knowledge of Elephant Ears.

The interesting knowledge of Elephant Ears.The elephant's ears act as the auditory sensory system.