Elephant Vocabulary

Elephant Vocabulary

  1. Chang Phlai: A male elephant with tusks, often used in ancient Thai poetry and songs. It can also refer to a secondary male in a herd of elephants, which is the mate of the female elephant.
  2. Chang Phang: A female elephant with tusks, capable of mating.
  3. Chang Thon: A fully matured male elephant, meaning an elephant that has reached the appropriate age for mating.
  4. Chang Sidor: A male elephant without tusks, meaning an elephant that is not yet capable of mating.
  5. Mae Paek or Pae-Haek: An old female elephant that is no longer capable of mating.

Dtua: Used for wild elephants, referring to an unnamed wild elephant.
Cheuak: Used for domesticated elephants, referring to a trained elephant used for various purposes as commanded by humans.

Used for the royal white elephant (Chang Phueak/Chang Samkhan), referring to an elephant with distinct markings and a high status compared to wild and domesticated elephants. Royal white elephants may symbolize power or be the national emblem in some countries.


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