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In the lush landscapes of Krabi, an ancient tradition is quietly passed down from one generation of mahouts to the next – the art of crafting Elephant Herbal Remedies. Rooted in the region’s rich biodiversity, these remedies are concocted from plants and leaves that flourish abundantly in Krabi’s enchanting forests. Not merely a concoction of plants, these herbal remedies contain potent drug-like substances known to naturally combat various common ailments. The Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary proudly preserves and shares this natural medicine legacy, debunking any notion of secrecy.

The Nature’s Pharmacy Unveiled: Elephant’s Herbal Remedies

Embedded in the heart of Krabi’s forest, the Elephant’s Herbal Remedies serve as a testament to the harmonious relationship between elephants, their mahouts, and the healing power of nature. These remedies are meticulously prepared, drawing upon the inherent medicinal properties of indigenous flora. The result is a holistic and natural medicine that has proven effective in addressing a myriad of common diseases. At Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary, we extend an open invitation to curious minds eager to delve into the world of Elephant Herbal Remedies.

Unraveling the Craft: Join Our Herbal Making Program

For those intrigued by the age-old tradition of crafting Elephant Herbal Remedies, Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary presents “Program B.” This unique program offers an immersive experience, guiding participants through the step-by-step process of creating these potent herbal concoctions. As you embark on this journey, you not only gain hands-on knowledge but also contribute to the preservation of a cultural legacy.

Program B: A Gateway to Elephant Herbal Wisdom

Our “Program B” serves as a gateway for enthusiasts to unlock the secrets of Elephant Herbal Remedies. This hands-on program provides an in-depth understanding of the plants and leaves integral to the concoction, their medicinal properties, and the meticulous blending process. Participants engage in the entire herbal-making process, from harvesting the raw materials to crafting the final remedy under the guidance of experienced mahouts.

If you are interesting in making the elephant’s herb, please check out our Program B


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Making Elephant’s Herb – Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary


Making Elephant’s Herb – Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary




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