Male Elephant, Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary


When male elephants reach the age between the ages of 8-13 years, they tend to spend more time at the edge of the herd. They will eventually be pushed out by the group leader or will be set out voluntarily from their natal group. While male elephants live primarily solitary lives, they will occasionally form a loose association with other male elephants, called bachelor herds. These male friendships have been known to last a lifetime. ELEPHANT’S ENCYCLOPEDIA: Male Elephants

When adult male elephants enter a state called musth (Hindi for “madness”) During the time they become very aggressive, initiating battles with almost any other male encountered. Sometimes they are hovering around female herds, trying to find a receptive mate. The most dominant male elephants (over 35 years old) will breed with female elephants. Battles between males appear fierce but rarely inflict serious injury except the breeding season when battles can get extremely aggressive resulting in injuries and occasionally fatalities.


Credit All Thing Elephants


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