How important of the elephant organs

elephant organs

How important of the elephant organs

“Elephant organs” Elephants are large animals that are mammals and herbivores. Looking at the outside, the elephant seems big and scary for humans but in reality,

it is quite the same as human behavior including their love, gentleness, fast learning, great memory.

How do elephants use various organs in their lives?

  • The elephant trunk is like the nose and hands of elephants for breathing, holding, pulling, lifting, dragging objects and picking food into their mouth, even using a water spray to shower yourself. The elephant trunk is boneless, so it is sensitive and easy to swing.
  • Ivory used for digging, moving trees and making a symbol on a tree to show their area.
  • Elephant eyes are very small compared to elephant height which their eyes can see a long distance.
  • Elephant ear is used to blow away the heat from the body and is also used to swing for repelling insects around them.
  • Elephant tail has feathers for brushing insects.
  • Most elephants have 18 nails which are divided into 5 nails at both front feet on each side, and 4 nails at both back feet on each side. Some elephants have 20 nails, most of them are white elephants which are very rare.