Feeding Elephants

Feed Elephant_Fruit Watermelon into elephant

How You Actually Feeding Elephants?

Feeding Elephant : First rule is just to be bold, get up and know that they not going to hurt you. They are giant kind and gentle animal live in the sanctuary and waiting you to visit. Stick the sugarcane and watermelon into the base of their trunk and they will pick the fruits flip up underneath and shove the food into their mouth. And almost immediately put their trunk back out at you and ready for the next bite.

How Elephant Eat?

Elephants eat about 300 pounds of food a day and can spend up to 20 hours a day eating. They eat an extremely varied vegetarian diet, including grasses, leaves, twigs, roots, bamboo, bark, seed pods, flowers, herbs and fruit as well as salt and other minerals. They do have sweet-tooth, so anything sweet like sugarcane or watermelon, they go crazy for it.




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