Elephant Food

Elephant Food

Elephants can eat an average of 150-160 kg of food in a day!. Do you know how much water they drink? An elephant drinks an average of 40-45 liters of water in just a single day. They can drink gallons of water.

Elephants are herbivores that spend up to 16 – 18 hours a day eating. Elephant food is divided into 5 types:

  • Grasses food such as Praek grass, saffron grass, pak rattan grass, sedge grass, reed grass, sedge grass, etc.
  • Bamboo foods include thorn bamboo, wild bamboo, banyan bamboo, python bamboo, ruak, bamboo, etc.
  • Food such as vines and banyan (Greepers and Flews) such as wormwood, sampoi, Kruea Saba, Krathong Lai, Pad Paep Pa, Wai, Salod Nam, banyan, Kruea Nam, red vines, etc.
  • Trees Palms and Shrubs include bananas, jackfruit, kum, teak, wild opera, coconut, figs, tamarind, star fruit, tamarind, chamchuree (crab or chamcha), hemp, figs, bodhi, wild gooseberry, tamarind, tamarind, tamarind, etc.
  • Cultivated Crops include corn, sorghum, spur, pineapple, soybean, sugarcane, pumpkin, and melon.

The main food of an elephant is Foods such as different grasses, bananas, sugarcane, pineapple, watermelon and other vegetables and fruits. It’s just a supplement snacks only

Each day an elephant has to eat a lot of food. depending on the size of the elephant like a fully grown elephant having to eat grass and other food, totaling more than 200 kilograms For example, a little elephant aged 4-6 years, weighing about 500-1000 kg, needs about 50-100 kg of food.




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