Why elephants are important?

Why elephants are important?

The reason why elephants are still important

Many people may know that the elephant is an animal that has been with Thai people for a long time. As you can see from the Thai’s history or even in a drama or movie. The national animal of Thailand is “Thai Elephant” which is associated with history, Thai traditions from many years ago, and also related to the monarchy. However, when the time changes, the role of elephants varies with time. The reason why elephants are both national symbols and animals of Thailand while in many countries there are as many elephants as Thailand. It is because of the former time, when the king fought to save the land. The vehicle that the king will ride to fight is “elephants’ ‘ to qualify for the elephants with auspicious characteristics according to the book of Kochalka which is a majestic animal.

In the ancient time, the king’s elephant was higher than the royal officials because elephants are considered an important part of the Thai nation to remain Thai fall into the colonial country of Thailand as today.

In addition to the nature, size, and strength of the elephants exposed the power and extreme durability, it is also revered by local people in Thailand. Moreover, the elephant which is over 60 years old, it also represents a long life and longevity and wisdom as well.

Although there is no war at this contemporary time, elephants still play an important role in various essential ceremonies such as the royal ceremony, the coronation ceremony which must bring the white elephant to dress up for standing west of Dusita Phirom Throne Hall in the Grand Palace to be in honor of ceremonies. Elephants are very important in the ecosystem. Elephants can benefit many wildlife, such as their large size helping other species walk, creating water bodies by using their tusks to dig the ground for other animals to use. It also contributes to the distribution of plant seeds to different parts of the forest through excretion.




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