Splash the Water in Hot Day

splash the water to an elephant, Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary

Splash the Water in Hot Day

During the hot summer day. In Thailand, The summer period, or hot and dry season, is from March to June. At this time temperatures in Krabi average around 32 degrees, but can often reach 35-38 degrees with humidity levels of 75%. And April is usually be the hottest month of the year. This is the reason why in April, Songkarn Festival or Thai New Year is about splash the water to each other to reduce the heat. Splash the water in hot day in common for people only during Songkarn Festival. But for elephants, due to sensitive skin, Thus, the elephants use mud as a sunscreen, protecting its skin from ultraviolet light. (Read More About Elephants’ Skin) and splashing the water by using usually their trunk to blow the water to their back.

From July to October is the monsoon, when most of Thailand’s annual rainfall is accumulated and flooding can ravage the country. The humidity averages just under 90%, with temperatures averaging around 29 degrees Celsius in a very wet and rainy Krabi.

The monsoon finishes when the wind direction changes, bringing dry weather from the northeast. At best this season can be described as unpredictable and not the constant downpour of rain like you may expect. The middle months of this season may hold particularly heavy rains for the north of the country. Anyway, don’t be afraid of the rain as well. Things are more fun out-there and ready for you to explore.

Therefore, let’s get fun and play with elephants at Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary.


  • Adult – 2,500 THB
  • Child – 1,800 THB

Schedule : Pick Up time at your hotel.

  • Morning at 7.30 hour.
  • Afternoon at 11.00 hour.

Activities Detail :  Program B

  • Visit Southern Elephants Hospital
  • Meet the Elderly Family Member ‘Elephant Thong’
  • Walk the Elephants in the area
  • Prepare Foods and Herbal Medicine for Elephants
  • Feed the Elephants
  • Mud Spa with Elephants
  • Bath with Elephants

*The program takes about 4:30 hours.
*The program includes transfer, fruits, lunch and drinking water.
*Child age is consider between 0 – 12 years old.
*Customers must book at least 12 hour before arrival in order to placing the order and transfer in time.


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