The interesting knowledge of Elephant Ears.

Elephant Ears

The interesting knowledge of Elephant Ears.

The elephant’s ears act as the auditory sensory system.

They can hear sounds that are too low frequencies than humans can hear in general.

The elephant’s ear is directly related to the body’s temperature cooling.

The ears of Asian elephants and African elephants will differ in size because African elephants live in warmer climates than Asian elephants,

so they need larger ears to help control the temperature.
Elephants can ventilate heat from the body by flapping their ears in order to help the cold blood in the body circulate to other spots.

Elephants often like to spray water in their ears for cooling the blood before the temperature in other parts of the body goes down.

In addition, the ears of elephants can also be used to intimidate enemies,

which will show its ears appear larger when an elephant faces an enemy.

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